Why We Should Never Have Been Allowed To Play This Game As A Kid

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After "Slender: The Arrival" was updated, one of the more mysterious characters, the Chaser, had their identity revealed. In a new playable level, Kate tries to escape from Slenderman as he corners her in her house. She tries to flee in the woods, but Slenderman catches her and tells her, "I have plans for you Kate." HoodoHoodlumsRevenge explains the significance of this line on YouTube: essentially Kate has been turned into a proxy — a slave of Slenderman.

Another character that succumbs to the same fate is Charlie Matheson, Jr., who acts as another proxy. Both characters are forced to turn on friends and family in order to do the bidding of their creepily powerful master, regardless of how much they don't want to be a part of his deeds. Being forced to become a proxy and submit to the will of a supernatural horror like Slenderman, especially when it means hurting their family, is likely a frightening prospect for any kid.

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