Would the Scarlet Witch beat Superman in an epic battle?

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  Would the Scarlet Witch beat Superman in an epic battle?


The powers of the Scarlet Witch increase in the DC Universe becoming very powerful.

While the strength of the magic of the Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Universe she is well known as one of the strongest and most dangerous that can be found, she can reach levels unimaginable in the DC Universewhich makes that Wanda be so powerful that even Superman is able to stop her.

The powers of the Scarlet Witch increase in the DC Universe becoming very powerful

in the cross series JLA/Avengers of Kurt Busiek Y George Perezthe avengers are taken to DC Universewhere they are tasked with finding six objects to save their universe from the destruction of crown. On the other hand, the League of Justice he must prevent the Avengers from obtaining said objects with the resulting confrontation that this implies. In JLA/Avengers #2Wanda is initially unable to perform her hexes as she needed to adapt to the existing rules of magic within the DC Universe. However, once he is able to harness the force, he discovers that it makes his chaos magic much more powerful there than in the universe. Marvel.

Would the Scarlet Witch beat Superman in an epic battle?

While it is true that Superman worries about Wanda’s magic, he believes that it can greatly affect him in a battle against her. In fact, since at least Superman #171 of jerry siegel Y curt swan, his susceptibility to magic is shown. That is why Superman admits his vulnerability to magic and the problems it causes him. Wanda’s manipulation of chaos magic has already developed to staggering levels in the Universe. Marvelbut with the powers he gets his magic in the DC UniverseWanda could take advantage of the vulnerability of Superman magic and use it to your advantage. There is no doubt that Wanda should be able to easily submit to Superman and kill him, if necessary. WWebmisterio: Fantasmas, ovnis, extraterrestres y sucesos paranormales. Historias de miedo, relatos de terror, leyendas urbanas y experiencias de espiritismo y poltergeist. Vídeos y fotos de fantasmas, monstruos y ovnis. Lugares fantasma, sitios encantados, misterios sin resolver y sucesos inexplicables. Webmisterio: fantasmas, ovnis, historias de miedo, fotos de fantasmas, espiritismo y poltergeist.

However, there is still the same gap in Wanda’s use of magic in the DC Universe that in the marvel universe and it is control. Wanda Maximoff he has had trouble controlling his powers, though it has improved over the years and with training.


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