X-Wing traded spaceships for seahorses

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  X-Wing traded spaceships for seahorses

If one decides to dig into the past of the video game world, unexpected gems can be found. This is precisely what they have done since Axios with Knights of Decaydenan exclusive Xbox title that was never released by Totally Games, creators of Star Wars: X Wing.

The initial name was Archipelago and the central core of the experience had us fighting in aerial battles on the back of flying seahorses. Exactly, and all taking place in a fantasy world, monsters, spear fights and underwater fights. In fact, the medium has shared unpublished images.

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The plans for the work were ambitious, including islands as far as the eye can see in a huge sea and with a story playable both alone and in company. In 2001 it was expected to hit the market, a year after the arrival of the first Xbox and representing Studio X, a label that marked the collaboration between Microsoft and external studios. Blog sobre Historia del derecho en particular y derecho en general Historia del derecho

However, in 2002 the project was shelved and Larry Holland, founder of Totally Games, provides the keys to what happened:

“I agreed to a very aggressive schedule. Probably more for financial reasons and to avoid my organization and my company having to lay off a bunch of people. We hadn’t worked out all the issues regarding scale, speed and melee.”

Knights of Decayden it was still very green even when it was canceled around that time and the announcement of the closure was “demoralizing” for the team. Phil Spencer recalled this entire affair in the middle, recounting that the first thing he had to do joining Xbox was canceling the title.

Now the only thing left is a file at Holland’s house which contains a playable version, but which has not seen the light of day. What we can take a look at is a series of screenshots and concept artsin what is little less than the vague memory that has remained.

Image| Unseen 64 (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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