Xbox Takes A Sly Dig At PlayStation For PS5 Promo

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PlayStation recently posted a video showcasing a teardown of the PS5 console. While it may have been impressive in many ways, Xbox found a rather unique way to take a sly dig at its competitor.

The video showcases a rather lengthy process of attaching and detaching the stand on the PS5. First, users have to unscrew the main screw that holds the stands in its place. Once the stand comes off, the screw hole is to be plugged with a cap provided in the base of the stand.

Additionally, the stand will then have to be attached to the side of the console at a marked area. This will allow the console to lay flat correctly since it won’t be aligned properly if done without the stand.

Xbox mocks Sony following the PS5 teardown video

Clearly, this seemed like a tiresome process, even though it took only a few minutes to do so. Xbox saw an opportunity here to mock its competitor and tweeted the following images.

This was indeed quite clever from Xbox, considering the Series X comes with a pre-attached base that allows it to stand upright. Additionally, its symmetric shape makes it hassle-free for players to place it horizontally as well.

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Interestingly, this is not the first time Xbox has mocked its rival. The PlayStation 5 showcase had concluded in a spectacular fashion, but Sony failed to communicate the pre-order information correctly following that. Naturally, things were chaotic and a lot of people missed out on pre-ordering the console. This was Xbox’s moment to shine.

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